RTD The Best 2015

Richmond Times-Dispatch The Best 2015

Keep your nose to the grindstone...
— My Dad ;)

Wowza! I am super complimented and highly honored to be nominated for RTD's (Richmond Times-Dispatch) "The Best" for 2015! I am so thankful to RTD and absolutely grateful to every single client I have had over the past year. You voted so I thank YOU!

It is crazy to think I left my full-time job just one year ago and started my dream of becoming a photographer... becoming the artist I've always wanted to be. I kept telling myself that I would give it a year and if it didn't work out that would be OK! During this past year, I just kept hearing my dad's old saying, "keep your nose to the grindstone, Mary" and I think that truly helped me to stay focused even when it was hard. To be honest, I did not even acknowledge that my dream had become a reality until last month... I was almost afraid to acknowledge that all that hard work really did pay off. It seemed to good to be true. But this nomination has helped me to truly see that my leap of faith really has turned out to be the best decision I've made! I am so thankful!

The most fulfilling part of this career though is the wonderful relationships I make on a weekly basis and how I become a trusted friend... a friend that just so happens to document your life's most precious moments. ;) ha ha. But it is crazy to think my job is to document smiles, laughter, kisses, and joy... and make some beautiful art from it... I cannot be more thankful to God for this incredible blessing!  

Again, thank you for all your support and love everyone! So so so much more to come this Fall! Stay tuned!