This Must Be The Place

Wedding in Louisa, Virginia; Prospect Hill Plantation Inn

Home, is where I want to be
But I guess I’m already there
I come home, she lifted up her wings
I guess that this must be the place
— Talking Heads "This Must Be The Place"

This weekend's wedding was absolutely special! It was extra special for me since I went to High School with the groom, Mark! I remember becoming friends with Mark and loving his kind spirit. He had a gentleness about him and smile that went on for days! We were fast friends and had so much fun participating in the school theatre shows and classes together. He was very talented and played a lot of the bigger roles in the plays. Everyone loved Mark!

Now, years have passed since I had spoken with Mark but we were friends on Facebook, etc. I received a phone call from Kate at Glint Events one day and she said that Mark is not only getting married but has requested for me to be his photographer. I couldn't have been more honored!!! I was so excited to see him again and to meet his beautiful fiance, Laura. We all met and laughed throughout our meeting. I felt so lucky to be the one to photograph their big day!

As the big day approached, I was a little hesitant about all this rainy weather but thankfully, it all turned out perfectly. Not a drop of rain until the very end. The location, Prospect Hill Plantation Inn, and the details were just perfection. Glint Events certainly helped create a natural and organic feel to the whole day... warmly lit lanterns, wild flowers, potted plants, and family style dinner. Simply a perfect and heart warming evening. My favorite part of the whole wedding was Mark and Laura's first dance. It was so romantic and you could tell they are truly in love. They picked a really cool song for their first dance... "This Must Be The Place" by Talking Heads. I think it was totally original and totally perfect for them too. 

Oh! And I do have another favorite moment of the day... I do have a soft spot for "Daddy First Looks" as well. It was a beautiful moment when they both saw each other and both teared up. You could tell her Dad was just so proud, happy, and in awe of his littler girl.  I felt very honored to be there with them during that time. Nothing like a father and a daughter bond. :)

Thank you so much for the honor of being you photographer, Mark and Laura!



Thank you to all these amazing vendors for this beautiful evening!