When I'm With You

Wedding in Hot Springs, Virginia; The Omni Homestead Resort

If I were the sun and you were the sky, I’d never set. I’d hover above the edge of the water waiting for you to shine your stars on me so I could become bigger than what I am. I am brighter when I’m with you.
— Christy Ann Martine

April is here and the wedding season is in full bloom! The start of the wedding season can always be a bit nerve wracking for me because I have spent the winter months dreaming and studying on how I can improve as a photographer. I take the time to learn new approaches, new technology, and study some great photographers that I admire. I do all this preparation in order to be the best photographer for my couples and give them memories they will LOVE to look back upon for years to come.

At the start of this Spring season, I really wanted to start out "with a bang" and give my sweet clients, Lucia and John, the best photos I could... I had poses in mind, some new gear, etc.... all ready to give them the gift of beautiful imagery. But what I did not expect was the gift they brought me that day... the gift of witnessing a family bonded through a tragedy and their pure intent to grow stronger, love harder, and enjoy life no matter what the circumstances. It was so wonderful to see all their smiles, tears, and boundless joy for this next chapter for Lucia and John. I think it is rare to see such a bond between two families and I was honored to witness their unity.  

This wedding filled my heart with so much joy and I am grateful to all of them. It was a small wedding but there was enough love there to fill a thousand rooms!!! I am truly honored to have been their photographer and this is exactly why I love my job... to see the genuine beauty of life unfolding before me and to celebrate the love in our lives. Thank you, Lucia and John, for the gift you gave me on your wedding day. xo