The Love of Love

Wedding in Richmond, Virginia; First Baptist Church & Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

It was the love of love, the love that swallows up all else, a grateful love, a love of nature, of people, of animals, a love engendering gentleness and goodness that moved me and that I saw in you.
— William Carolos Williams

Spring is here and so is all the LOVE that comes with it. This amazing Richmond wedding was packed with the love of family and friends... and plenty of love between my sweet couple, Meredith and Kevin! These two love birds share the sweetest bond between each other... you can see it clearly just by how they look at one another. <3

This wedding was simply a blast to photograph! Their family and friends really know how to have a good time. The reception was really rock'in all night! Meredith and Kevin even jumped on the stage for awhile to dance. It was incredibly fun! But I do think my favorite part of the whole wedding was her father's toast. He had such sweet things to say about both Meredith and Kevin but he did end  his toast by saying, "Meredith, you will always be my little girl"... melt my heart! 

I feel so grateful to have photographed this amazing wedding! Meredith and Kevin are the most down-to-earth and caring couple I know and now I know they have some pretty great dance moves too! ha ha. I cherish them and so thankful to be their photographer. Enjoy the imagery from this beautiful celebration!