Intimate All-White Wedding

Wedding; Charlottesville, Virginia


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Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone - we find it with another.
— Thomas Merton (Love and Living)

Kristy and Evan shared mutual friends for quite some time and would casually see each other at some local Richmond restaurants or bars. The opportunity to have an actual conversation did not come until a close friend invited them to her lake house for the weekend. Evan asked Kristy if she wanted to take a ride on the small boat outside and they ended up chatting for a few hours. They bonded over their common interests for art documentaries, creativity, and similar dreams. They dated almost immediately and have been absolutely inseparable ever since. 

When they got engaged, I felt so privileged that they asked me to be their photographer! I know these two are both artists themselves so it was a high honor to photograph their wedding day! Kristy owns her own jewelry company called Drift/Riot and Evan is a talented Art Director/Graphic Designer for Ledbury. These two have always been amazing artists on their own but as a couple, their talents are magnified. They have big dreams together and they work tirelessly to fulfill them. I truly believe they found their destiny within one another.

As for their wedding day, they wanted to bring some of their talents and incorporate them within the day. Kristy made their wedding rings and Evan designed their invitations. For any other items, they asked dear friends to use their talents which only enriched their day all the more. For example, Natalie did makeup from Avenue42 and Kelsey Sykes did all the flowers from Old Time Feeling... Kristy and Evan basically told them to do whatever they liked and trusted their talents. They loved everything they made! My favorite part of the day was when it rained heavily right before Kristy and Evan took their portraits together... when the  rain lifted, it created a mysterious fog that rose slowly in front of the mountains. It was pure magic...

Congratulations, Kristy and Evan. Love you both dearly!