Hold Me Tight

Wedding at Bethel Baptist Church; Richmond, Virginia

I want to be in your arms, where you hold me tight and never let me go.
— unknown

One of the most special things I love about Marie and Kurt is how they connect with one another without saying a word... there is a strong connection with their faith in God and with themselves. From the moment I met them, they spoke to each other with patience, kindness, and such sweetness... I really loved watching them interact as they were telling me all about their wedding plans at our first meeting at Crossroads Coffee & Ice Cream. This location is actually where they had their first date and where we started our engagement session earlier this summer. Click HERE to see their very sweet engagement session. 

Their wedding day was absolutely perfect with plenty of sunshine and surprisingly cooler for an August day. They held the whole wedding at the beautiful Bethel Baptist Church in the south side of Richmond. My absolute favorite moment of the day was the prayer Marie and Kurt shared prior to the ceremony. Now, they didn't want do a "first look" but they did want to pray together. I had them pray on either side of a brick pillar so as to not see one another. But right before they parted ways, Marie asked if she could hug Kurt (of course, he had to close his eyes first). She hugged Kurt and the look on her face was so moving. Sheer love and tenderness! It made it all the more magical when the wind started softly blow her veil... my assistant and I both got teary- eyed!  

The wedding day unfolded from there and it was full of smiles, laughter and dancing. I am so very happy for both of them and wish them a lifetime of tender hugs. ;)