Love Will Be Our Medicine

Richmond Wedding; The Branch Museum of Architecture and Design

Love will be our medicine
— Marianne Williamson

I have been so excited to share Lauren and Greg's amazingly stunning wedding! This classically elegant wedding was put together by the most wonderful vendors in town (listed below) but it was 100% Lauren and Greg that truly made this day so special!

Lauren and Greg are truly a extraordinary couple... they met in medical school a few years ago and are now very successful doctors in the Richmond area. At our first meeting together, not only was I impressed by their credentials but I was most impressed by their kind and down-to-earth personalities. I loved that they valued the wedding day for what is truly is... a joining of two people in love and a celebration of that love with family and friends. They did not want too much fuss over the photos and they simply wanted the day to be captured as it unfolded. I totally love that from a creative standpoint and it was even more fun because they added on a 2nd shooter, Melissa Desjardins Photography. (this girl rocks!)

Now, the day of the wedding there were some unfortunate thunderstorms that prevented the ceremony from being outside on the beautiful lawn at The Branch Museum but thanks to Kate at Glint Events, she quickly put the ceremony in the long hall of the museum. In the end, it looked like a long cathedral aisle with the large old windows and tall ceilings. It was stunning! During the cocktail hour, the same room was quickly transformed into a beautiful reception room with accents of gold, white and fun glitter. It was truly stunning. 

My absolute favorite part of the day was the first few moments after the ceremony. Lauren and Greg went into another room to take in their first moments of being a married couple! After shooting the cocktail hour for a few minutes, I went to their room to check-in and grab their wedding rings for a cool shot at the reception. But before I entered the room, I could see the two of them from the hallway sitting on the sofa very relaxed and just looking at each other with the warmest smiles. I felt that I witnessed the sweetest moment of the day and quickly snapped a few photos that are in this blog post. They bring a smile to my face every time I see them.

Thank you again, Lauren and Greg! It was an honor to be your photographer!

And big thank you to all the amazing vendors:  Melissa Desjardins Photography (2nd Photographer), The Branch Museum (Venue), Glint Events (Event Planner),  Paisley & Jade (eclectic and vintage party rental), Avenue 42 (Hair & Makeup), Classic Party Rentals of VA (party rentals), The Lighting Professors (lighting), Sweet Fix (cake), Photosynthesis Floral Design (floral design), White House Catering (catering), Shaner Sound (entertainment), and King of Pops (RVA popsicle vendor).