A Simple Cup of Coffee

Engagement Session; Richmond, Virginia

Let’s meet for coffee and then go on lots of adventures together...
— Unknown

Marie and Kurt shared their very first date at the very popular Crossroads Coffee & Ice Cream right off Forest Hill Avenue in Richmond, Virginia. This awesome coffee shop is always buzzing with good music, great conversation, and lots of caffeine! Marie and Kurt sat in a furthest corner of the shop and spent time connecting over their common interests of friends, family, and faith. The first date went so well that it followed with a second date at Maymont... then a third date, a fourth... well, you get the picture! ;) These two love birds are simply head over heels for each other and they are now getting married this August! Their engagement shoot is a beautiful representation of the places in which they first fell in love. They hope to look back at these photographs for years to come and remember how their sweet love story all started with a simple cup of coffee...