Your Heart's Delight

Intimate Destination Wedding; White Stone, Virginia

When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight
— Kahil Gibran

This quote may seem quite strange for a wedding blog post but I chose this quote for Brianne, the bride, who lost her father just days after her this beautiful and intimate wedding took place. We agreed together that this post would be in tribute to her father and to honor his memory. 

I think the most special part of this whole wedding is that Brianne and Mark, the groom, decided to get married in Brianne's childhood home in White Stone, Virginia. The house is on a slight hill that overlooks the Rappahannock River. I loved that the air smelled like salt water with a touch of fresh cut grass. Such a peaceful place! For Brianne's father, this house was proudly his home. Brianne said this about her father; "He loved living here on the water. I don't think he ever wanted to leave. This was his home.".

One of Brianne's favorite memories of her father is being out by the water with him. When she was 11 years old, they decided to build a row boat together. They painted the outside white and inside a baby blue color. She said it was a labor of love at times but he loved boats! He was more than happy to do a little more of the work. ;) I added photos at the end of this blog post of her father in that row boat they built together. It is very sweet. 

As for the wedding day, Brianne and Mark had a very simple day planned. A few family members would attend a small ceremony in the backyard and then lunch at The Tides Inn. The schedule was relaxed and completely focusing on the fact that these two love birds were committing their lives to one another... no party, no huge decorations, etc.... just a lovely ceremony with family. Before the ceremony, Brianne and Mark wanted a "first look" so that we could have some time for portraits before lunch. (that is one reason why I love first looks... much more time for portraits together). We did their first look on the dock in front of their home and Mark's face is simply priceless when he sees her. You can just see how much he loves her by how he looks at her... how sweet, right? Their ceremony was lovely and their first kiss gives me goosebumps. ;)

I am so happy for the two of them yet my heart breaks for their sad news. On a positive note, I am truly happy that her father was present for her wedding day and he could witness the beginning of a beautiful marriage for his daughter. I know that means so much to her and to the whole family. Brianne and Mark are both amazing faithful individuals so I know they will be able to weather this storm together... only bringing them closer than ever. All my prayers and love to you both, Brianne and Mark!


These photos below are of Brianne's father in the row boat they built together. I love these photos so much... so very special. 

Dr. Oltermann Boat 3.jpg