Love and Freedom

Brianne + Mark's Engagement Session; Richmond, Virginia

In true love, you attain freemdom.
— Thich Nhat Hanh

I smile every time I think about Brianne and Mark's engagement session. These two love birds had the most effortless session and the morning by The James River was perfect! The soft light was streaming through all the trees and it was fun to hear the cheering crowds of a near-by 5K run. The shoot felt truly magical but it was mostly due to the energy Brianne and Mark shared. They have an electric love... full of life and laughter. I loved how Mark would hold her, pick her up, and look at her sweetly... I felt we were shooting an editorial fairytale story! And I simply loved that they wanted to end the shoot by splashing around in the water and just being free! That is why I thought the quote above was so fitting for this couple... I feel they have found freedom in each other. 

B + M: can't wait for your wedding day guys! xo