With you, I am home.

Engagement Session; Richmond, Virginia

Collect things you love, that are authentic to you, and your house becomes your story.
— Erin Flett

One of my favorite things about being a wedding photographer is meeting the most amazing couples and having the honor to be a part of their lives during such an exciting time. When I met with Missi and Paul for the first time, I remember thinking that they were SO cool! Not just because they have AWESOME tattoos but because their attitudes on life are so refreshing! They are lighthearted, easy going, and always laughing. I am pretty sure that we laughed through our whole first consultation and I may have had a slight cramp in my side by the end. Ha ha ha. We knew that we all had become fast friends and that we were going to start an awesome journey with each other.

For their engagement session, we had originally planned to do it one afternoon at their wedding venue, Fairview Farm. But due to some heavy storms, we had to reschedule (total bummer). Unfortunately, even our back-up date had storms perdicted so Paul had the amazing idea of simply doing their engagement session within their home. Now, side note, Paul is the owner of Brick + Mortar historic home renovations here in Richmond, Virginia. Therefore, his home is simply unreal... just wait until you see these photos. They have filled their home with all the things they love and truly an extension of who they are as a couple. When I walked in their home for our session, there was coffee brewing, candles lit, music from their record playing going... it was like I walked into a little heaven! Even the heavy rain outside could not keep us from having a BLAST and taking some gorgeous imagery. The rain did stop for a few minutes so we quickly jumped outside to take photos by their amazing self-built vegetable garden (SO cool, right?!?!). They have truly built this house to be a reflection of the two of them but above all, the house is not a home without each other. 

Thank you, Miss and Paul, for being the best. I cannot wait for your wedding in November!