Drift / Riot (wedding jewelry alert!)

I am very excited to highlight an incredible jewelry designer for my blog today! Kristy Santelli is a local RVA jewelry designer that owns Drift / Riot. Check her stuff here: http://www.driftriot.com/

Now, not only is she an incredibly talented jewelry designer but she is a kick-butt entrepreneur, cyclist, and art teacher. I met Kristy through some mutual friends about a year ago and I fell in love with her boundless energy and positivity. I thought to myself (and still do), “how does she do it all?”. She is simply incredible at everything she touches and she has an infectious positive (and hysterical) attitude about life. You cannot help but feel happier when you are around her! 

As for her jewelry, you have to check out her site! I wear her pieces DAILY! She describes her jewelry designs as simple with a modern twist. And I like to describe it as “feminine modern with a touch of industrial-strength”… perfect combo of modern feminine and touch of masculinity. Of course, those are my words but simply put, it is beautiful jewelry! 

Also, this is the PERFECT bridesmaids gift for their day-of jewelry: http://www.driftriot.com/wedding/ 

Oh, and did I mention she is one of my brides this year?!?!  I feel like a lucky gal!