The Gates of Happiness

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden Wedding; Richmond, Virginia

LOVE is the master key that opens the gates of happiness
— Oliver Wendell Holmes

I am so excited to share my friend's wedding today! Katherine, the bride, has been a dear friend of mine for quite some time! We first met while working in the advertising world and we worked within the same company for about 7 years. We worked side by side on many productions and working with Katherine always meant having a GREAT time! I think we truly bonded over our love for wine and especially for dancing. ha ha! She is an incredible gal!

When I first heard of Brian, the groom, I remember jumping on FB to see a photo of him! He looked so handsome and like such an awesome guy. And of course, he is that and so much more! A few months later, I left the company we worked for to be a Wedding Photographer full time. I felt so complimented when Katherine got engaged and called me to be her photographer. It was such an honor to be asked and I was looking forward to the wedding all year! It was a joy to walk along side her during her big day and capture all her most intimate and happiest moments. 

My absolute favorite thing about Katherine and Brian is simply how down-to-earth they are... genuine, loving, and always laughing. I know these two love birds will have many years of happiness in their future! Congratulations again, K & B. Love you both!