You Swept Me Away

Backyard Wedding; Mathews, Virginia

Life is ever changing but I will always
find a constant and comfort in your love
With your heart my soul is bound
And as we dance I know that heaven can be found
— Swept Away by The Avett Brothers

I'm so excited to share the beautiful love story of Emily and Jarrette today! I have actually known Emily for a few years now and she is a dear friend! We share the same maiden name of "Taylor" so automatically I think she is fabulous. ;) Jk. Anyway, I remember Emily telling about Jarrette and that he was her cute new neighbor! Jarrette had moved into the apartment next to Emily's apartment in the beginning of July of 2012. Emily and Jarrette officially met for the first time at their neighborhood July 4th party... and there was no denying that it was an instant and mutual attraction! Emily knew she was going to fall for this blue eyed and very outgoing guy!

They would spend the summer nights talking on the front porch of their apartments and developing the foundation of their amazing relationship. It was only a matter of time before they were madly in love and started this new chapter of life together. About 2 years later, Jarrette proposed to Emily on their Maui vacation while swimming in a mountain river (swoon!)! These two love birds came back to Virginia and started to plan their waterfront/backyard wedding of their dreams! Every single part of their day was very personal and a reflection of who they are as a couple... family and friends worked together to help create they most special and intimate day!

I love how they planned to have the whole wedding in the backyard of her parent's home in Mathews, Virginia. It doesn't hurt that their home is a waterfront home with a lovely dock and mini beach area! So many friends and family helped out during the day... her talented aunts arranged all the flowers and oyster themed decor. Jarrette and Emily's dad built the STUNNING arbor from scratch! And the handmade oyster chandeliers too! Just remarkable!

Emily and Jarrette have such a love for music too so they decided to incorporate their friends and family into every musical act performed that day! At the ceremony, they had Jarrette's brother play and sing a beautiful guitar solo. At the reception, their closest friends played their first dance called Swept Away by the Avett Brothers (and it didn't hurt that Travis Rinehart from the Jackass Flats is their close friend)! They had a DJ play for the first portion of the reception and then ended the night with the amazing band, South Hill Banks! Even after the sparkler exit, the party still continued in their "Wedding Camping" grounds. All their friends pitched tents and celebrated throughout the night... how awesome of an idea!

It was such a honor to photograph my dear friend's wedding and watch her take her vows to this amazing (and hilarious) man... FYI: I have never laughed so much with a Groom before... Jarrette is a ham and he is hysterical! There are some pretty hilarious moments with him... especially when he is "checking out" Emily during one of our formals shots.... ha ha! SO much fun!

Thank you Emily and Jarrette for letting me be a part of your incredible day! Love you both!


I took these camping ground photos in the beginning of the day... just thought they were fun to add for ideas for any future brides! I love the "Wedding Camp Survival Kit"!