Anywhere With You

Virginia Wedding; RockHill Plantation House

Anywhere you are, I am near. Anywhere you go, I’ll be there.
— Unknown

I consider myself so lucky to have been the photographer for this special couple, Kristine and Blake. Blake's sister, Chloe, is the wonderful friend who introduced to me to Blake and Kristine. We all met for the first time over a FaceTime call! It was a hilarious phone call and I remember just loving them just a few minutes into our call! I could tell there was something unique about these two and they were not your typical couple. They were both such gentle and very warm spirited souls... I knew I would love getting to know them more!

We met in person a few weeks later for our engagement session up in the D.C. area. They love biking so our session revolved around bike riding in the beautiful Theodore Roosevelt Island. You can see their engagement shoot HERE. During our session, I ask them how they met and their "love story" and Kristine describes it so perfectly... 

"Our first date was at a wine and cheese shop. I could tell Blake was different than most DC guys when he refused to let me split the bill, saying "I'm from Kansas!"

About a month after we met I was offered a summer internship in Ghana while I was in grad school. It felt like terrible timing, but obviously I was going to take it. Blake almost immediately said he would come visit, and sure enough he came out for 10 days in July. The only other country he had ever been to was Mexico, but within 24 hours of his arrival I had him on a tro-tro (a small, crowded, very uncomfortable public bus) for a six-hour ride into rural Ghana. On that weekend trip we stayed in a hut, basically, with no electricity or running water, ate local food, and hitched motorcycle rides from locals to get around. He was such a trooper! His visit was awesome - we saw monkeys, swam under West Africa's tallest waterfall, and visited an old slave fort. I was really glad to be able to share that part of my life with him, and the trip confirmed how well we meshed together and how many values we shared. 

As for the engagement, last October Blake had arranged an afternoon date for us to drink wine, eat cheese, and play Scrabble by a fountain that we really like near the Capitol. He had wrapped up the ring in a piece of paper so that it was the size of a scrabble tile, and put it in the letter bag. Unfortunately for him, it kept sinking to the bottom, and was one of the last letters I drew! Finally I pulled it out of the bag, unwrapped it, and Blake proposed. It was very sweet, and very "Blake" since he loves surprises and being sneaky. "

How romantic is that?! I couldn't stop smiling when she told me this story. :)

As for their wedding day, is was simply PERFECT! It was the weekend of Hurricane Joaquin but you would have never known it. Kristine and Blake are the most easy going couple and really focused on the true point of the day which was to become husband and wife. My favorite part of the wedding was their first dance... I have not teared up in a first dance and this one sure did! Their song perfectly reflected their sweet and kind love for one another. My husband was my assistant on this wedding and he left saying, "That was the most real wedding I've ever attended". It is so true because their love is real, strong, and beautiful...

I am so happy for you both, Kristine and Blake! May you have many years of happiness and love!