Life is a Gift

Washington D.C. Wedding; Hotel Monaco in Alexandria & Oxon Hill Manor

Life is a gift. Never forget to enjoy and bask in every moment you are in.
— Unknown

Robin and David are one amazing couple! They simply love to love others and give their hearts so graciously to friends and family. These two have a spark about them and you can tell their spirits are filled with joy and graciousness. They are a match made in Heaven!

These two met in the fall of 2007 in New Orleans. Robin was a sophomore in college and consumed with all things NOLA and Kappa. David, meanwhile, was drawn to the Big Easy to pursue his dreams of becoming an artist and "seducing undergraduates". HA HA! (David is one funny guy and can make anyone laugh)

Because they were both Redskins fans, they were set up on a pseudo blind date. Having grown up less than six miles from each other and attended similar independent high schools, they had more in common than Mardi Gras and a love for all things food! They soon fell in love and David proposed! The wedding planning began but soon things became much more difficult... 

Unfortunately, soon after they got engaged, Robin's father got into a severe car accident. He hit a patch of black ice in Highland County, VA and was taken immediately to UVA Hospital.  The accident left him with a very bad case of Diffuse Axonal Injury which 90% of patients with severe DAI never regain consciousness. For two months, he was in a semi-coma state and was unable to speak or move. He was moved to Hunter Holmes McGuire Medical Center in Richmond where he slowly started to regain all functions again and he was 100% adamant being able to walk again! He worked tirelessly on regaining his walking ability so that he could have the wonderful honor of walking his baby girl down the aisle in September.

On the day of the wedding, I nearly cried when I saw her father standing next to her in the aisle (with no walker) and proudly ready to walk his daughter down the aisle. It was a beautiful moment! At the reception, her father continued to wow everyone by dancing with Robin! It was incredible to witness this true miracle. 

Now, for the rest of the reception, Robin and David partied like champs! This reception ended up being the greatest dance party ever. Everyone (and I mean everyone) was dancing, singing, and jumping around. I am pretty sure I was dancing a little too while taking pictures. ;) They really wanted their guests to have an amazing dance party and they most certainly delivered that! What I love the most is that we didn't even do a formal exit of any sorts because they wanted every last second of that party to be dancing! ha ha. I LOVED that about them. 

I am so grateful to have been their photographer and they certainly reminded me of some great lessons that we need to keep in our minds and hearts...

Lesson 1: Life is a gift. 

Lesson 2: Love unconditionally and with all your heart.

Lesson 3: Laugh, Be Silly, and Dance! 

Thank you, Robin and David. I love you both and I hope to get invited to your next dance party! ha ha. ;)