Don Vito's Adventures

Don Vito... the sweetest and most handsome English Bulldog in the world's history! Ok, a bit of an exaggeration but as a proud mama, I certainly feel that way about him! 

Don Vito is 7 years old and has been the light of my world (and my hubby's too). He is gentle, loving, and always wants to hold hands with you. The majority of his activities are sleeping and finding his favorite toy in his toy box but occasionally he will have bursts of puppy energy! I laugh so much when he gets super hyper! 

I took Don Vito out to enjoy the snow this morning and he loved to run in it, roll in it, and eat it. I wanted to show the world how much I love this sweet dog and see the little things I love about him so much... his wrinkles, his coat, his little ears that flop when he runs, and even his cute parallel swirls on his butt! 

Meet Don Vito! You will see more of him soon!