Our Wedding Day - 03/12/2011

When I look back at our wedding day and I think 2 things to myself:

1. "Wow, that was truly a magical day!"

2. "Wow, how the heck did we pull that off in 4 months?" ha ha ha

Yes, my husband (Alex) and I were engaged for almost a year and simply could not nail down a wedding date. Our families and friends are all over the world and we simply could not figure out an ideal date for everyone to make it to the wedding. We did the dance of finding the right location coupled with the right date but simply couldn't figure it out. It was now November of 2010 and we wanted to wait until after the Holidays to tackle the plans again. But to our surprise, within a week, we received a phone call from our favorite venue and a wedding date had opened up but we would have to plan our wedding in 4 months! We were so tired of trying to find a date that we thought this was a sign and we immediately said "yes!". Little did we know how hard it really is to pull off a wedding in 4 months! Thankfully, at the time I was a producer in a leading advertising agency and I knew how to pull off a fast and furious production! It was almost an exciting challenge for me. Also, Alex is the most type-A and organized fellow you will ever meet. Before we knew it, March 12, 2011 had rolled around and it was our BIG DAY! 

If there is one word to describe that day, it was "MAGICAL"! Truly. Both of us had never experienced so much love and celebration at one time... it was sweet, loving and super festive! Lots of wine, good food, and TONS of dancing! It was simple yet elegant and perfect for Alex and I. We still cannot believe how lucky we are to have had that night and to have each other in life. (super cheesy, I know, ha ha). But I truly feel so incredibly lucky to have a husband like Alex.