My Best Chosen Friend

This is a very special blog post for me because this one is about my beautiful sister, Diana. Diana and I are just 18 months apart and we grew up side by side... at a certain age people thought we were twins! As kids, Diana started out as the shy one and I was her outgoing sidekick. She totally blossomed in high school and ever since then she has been "Miss Socialite"! She has such an amazing spirit and can make you laugh for hours. And I know that is how John first fell in love with her... they laughed for hours on their first date! Diana and John are truly meant to be... two spirits that are full of light and happiness... each wanting to love the other more and more. Their love is strong and I truly believe it is because they are best of friends at the heart of it all. I love you both and it was a joy to give you an "Post Wedding Shoot".

My best chosen friend, companion, guide, to walk through life, linked hand-in-hand, two equal, loving friends, true husband and true wife.
— Sir Charles Gavan Duffy