Generations of Love

Wow! I have to immediately say I LOVE this family! The Kilduff's are about the funniest, happiest, and sweetest family I have ever met!  I simply went to photograph Mr. Kilduff's 75th birthday but I ultimately ended up capturing so much more than that... I ended up documenting 3 generations of Kilduff's and capturing the joyous love they share for one another.

I loved every moment of the day...  I loved the drive to their home; passing the country fields and classic red barns. I loved the southern driveway with the sun peeking through the classic lined trees. I loved meeting Mr. and  Mrs. Kilduff! My heart melted when I saw how Mr. Kilduff still looked at his wife with such love and admiration.  I love how he made her giggle as if they were on their first date. They said the secret to marriage is simply hard work and dedication. I loved that.! Their 3 children (Mary, Mark and Robert) have all grown now and have families of their own. I loved how the day was filled with children running around, belly laughter, and lots of love. It was a joy to document this day and hope to be invited to their next birthday party! It was a blast! 

When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses.
— Joyce Brothers