Hello lovely!

I am Mary Otanez, a fine art photographer in Richmond, Virginia specializing in maternity, newborns, and the first year of your little ones life.

I am a fun-loving hippy spirit that loves to live my life to the fullest. I have a deep love for any type of creative expression. I drive with my windows down, blasting music that stirs my heart, and swaying my arms around to the beat. I find the greatest joy when I look in my rear view mirror and see my two year old daughter doing the same. It is these small moments in Motherhood that I love so much.

I believe that motherhood is one of the greatest honors we can be given in life. Motherhood opens the door to a new understanding of love and sets us on a journey to rediscover our own strength, resilience, and grace. This journey will most likely be the wildest, yet most beautiful, road of our lives and it deserves to be documented. I find such beauty in the most ordinary of moments; I love to document a mother’s loving embrace of her round belly, the endless kisses on little newborn cheeks, and the sweet smiles after a nighttime bath. I am passionate about preserving this precious time that is so fleeting.

As your photographer, I want you to have the images that tell your story and that evoke an emotion that rarely words can describe. These fleeting moments are unfolding everyday, let me come in to your world and capture them in a natural, tender, and nostalgic way.

I cannot wait to create with you!


Mary xo