Client Reviews

“We are so blessed to work with Mary for our wedding. She is not only a talented and skilled photographer, but she is tremendously generous with her time and gifts. Our engagement shoot was so much fun because of her laughter and the way she so naturally puts us at ease. She brought props, timed our locations perfectly with the light, and was able to capture our personalities and feelings for each other through the photos. My fiancé doesn’t like having pictures taken at all. When we got to look through the photos, he was amazed and was telling everyone it was completely worth it because of how good Mary is. We are thrilled beyond words and very lucky to get to work with her again for the wedding. She is truly wonderful and we know that choosing her was one of the best decisions we could have made for our special day.”

— Jamie Brewer

“Mary was such a dream to work with! She responded to my request immediately and offered me numerous availability dates within the upcoming weeks. She showed up early to scope out our house for the best lighting, bringing with her a host of elegant blankets and baskets perfect for showcasing our newborn. Mary was abundantly patient when my two week-old was not too happy about getting his picture taken and had creative ideas to soothe him so we could get the perfect shot. She also put my husband and I at ease, showing us (not just telling) how to position ourselves to look the most natural and flattering. After just a short time we received all the pictures and they took my breath away. She captured our family and our newborn baby in the most flattering, natural, sweetest way possible. There were so many breathtaking, beautiful pictures that I had a difficult time choosing just a couple for our birth announcements! I truly believe that Mary’s warm, loving personality played a huge part in capturing these special moments and putting our entire family (including our rambunctious dog!) at ease. I was also impressed that she donates 10% of all of her proceeds to the charity of her client’s choice – yet another indicator of her kind heart and desire to incorporate her clients into that warmth. Thank you, Mary!”

— Christine Cogbill Noonan

“I wanted Mary to do my pregnancy photo shoot after seeing her beautiful work but I ran out of time before my daughter Magnolia’s arrival. So I was thrilled when Mary could do a newborn photo shoot. She was super quick to respond and very flexible which was a plus considering I was still trying to figure out my new schedule with a baby. I didn’t have any ideas for what I wanted for the shoot and I didn’t have much to work with in my home in terms of props or settings. I only had a crochet bear beanie that I wanted her to wear. Mary was super laid-back about the shoot like I was and said she’d bring over a few things and we’d try out some things and see what happens! When she arrived, she had so many fun props - like baskets and beautiful blankets to choose from that were totally my style. She even knew instantly what rooms of my house would be the best. So, everything was seamless and so easy for me. Luckily Magnolia was a good sleeper and slept through many adorable poses with different props, including her cute beanie. Mary also captured some moments with Magnolia and me, as well as some with my family. I’m always embarrassed behind a camera but she would just shoot little moments between us that I didn’t even realize and now I cherish those pictures just as much as the ones only of Magnolia. Speaking of pictures... Wow! The end result was beautiful. She made my daughter look so angelic by taking advantage of natural light. I used the pictures for my birth announcement and my Christmas cards. And I always look back at those pictures now that my daughter is older and can’t believe how little she was! I recommend Mary to any new mom as she made everything so easy and has a talent for capturing such precious little moments that you will cherish forever!”

— Laurel Busony

“Recently, Mary Otañez photographed my 4 year old daughter and I. I’m cherishing the photos she took! The whole experience was so special, as she took into account our personalities and everything I wanted from the shoot. She took her time with my daughter, kept her relaxed and playful the whole time. Additionally, she helped me by gently coaching me to loosen up and showing me natural, appealing positions for pictures. With Mary’s skill and patience, she captured shots with gorgeous lighting and focus that people usually pay way too much for. She is so gifted and exhibits her expertise, passion, and creativity in every photo. I’m so thankful that she photographed my daughter and me, and I look forward to the next time!”

— Stephanie Shannon

“Mary was great in her process! We met previously to the session to discuss ideas and art direction. During the session, she allowed and respected the candid moments that made it special and real. We tried & experimented with situations too. The result was fantastic! We felt like we had so many options to choose from. Mary is so much fun and makes it such a great experience, the session was over before we knew it and wanted to keep going!”

— Alicia Svenson