Mary Otanez Photography proudly donates 10% of all sessions to People Helping People



What is People Help People (PHP)?

People Helping People (PHP) is a nonprofit organization that is working to build schools and medical facilities for the indigenous community Otavalo, Ecuador. 



How does PHP make an impact?

PHP is currently adding incredible value to the town of Otavalo and bringing the families hope for their future. Aside from building projects, they also sponsor the local children to go to school and the university. They help monitor their grades and help students as they grow academically. 



Why donate to PHP?

I am half Ecuadorian and I consider Ecuador as my second home. The majority of my childhood summer vacations were spent in Quito and near Otavalo. I have the greatest memories from that area and I want to doing everything I can to help support the town’s growth and future. PHP is doing an excellent job at addressing immediate needs of the community and making a great impact on the next generation!

“Do not withhold GOOD from those to whom it is due, when it is in YOUR power to do it.”  

Proverbs 3:27